On the Control of the Difference between two Brownian Motions: A Dynamic Copula Approach




We propose new copulae to model the dependence between two Brownian motions and to control the distribution of their difference. Our approach is based on the copula between the Brownian motion and its reflection. We show that the class of admissible copulae for the Brownian motions are not limited to the class of Gaussian copulae and that it also contains asymmetric copulae. These copulae allow for the survival function of the difference between two Brownian motions to have higher value in the right tail than in the Gaussian copula case. We derive two models based on the structure of the Re ection Brownian Copula which present two states of correlation ; one is directly based on the reflection of the Brownian motion and the other is a local correlation model. These models can be used for risk management and option pricing in commodity energy markets.


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