StOpt library


The whole library with headers, examples and python libs can be installed with the provided packages.
Windows :
To use the StOpt library on windows with the python interface without compiling the library.
- Install Python. Either python 2.7 or python 3.6 and numpy. We recommend to use anaconda for a single installation :
- download the exe corresponding to the python version and install it for example on D:\StOptPython
- Modify the PATH environnement to add D:\StOptPython\lib and D:\StOptPython\lib\bin
- Modify the PYTHONPATH environnement to add D:\StOptPython\lib
Debian :
A package StOpt is provided for installation for debian with python 2.7. Please check compatibility with your kernel.
This package was generated with ubuntu zesty.
Install it by :

dpkg -i StOptPackage.deb

EXE : Redhat StOpt 1.10 Python 2.7

EXE : Debian StOpt 1.10 python 2.7

EXE : StOpt 1.10 Python 2.7

EXE : StOpt 1.10 Python 3.6